Outdoor Fireplace Design

Although the temperatures are still scorching, fall is right around the corner.  The cooler temperatures do not mean the outdoor fun has to come to an end!  Hopefully you spent the spring and summer of 2014 entertaining loved ones around your bbq island or outdoor kitchen.  The fun and family time can continue, sitting by the warm glow of an outdoor fireplace.  The right Outdoor Fireplace Design can add a wonderful space to relax.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Options

There are many options to consider during the planning phases of your outdoor fireplace design.  The first is location.  It is important to know where you want to position your fireplace.  Shape and size are critical, you need to have enough room for seating and room to keep firewood nearby.  If you do not want to use firewood, you can choose between natural gas and propane to fuel the fire.  Do you need a built in woodbox?  An extended base to sit on or use as shelving is a popular feature.  Some people like the added style and functionality of a mantel.  You also have the choice of a 36″ or 42″ opening.  Of course there is the choice of materials. Stone elements, usage of stucco, and color are all up to you.

Outdoor Fireplace Design

Stone Outdoor Fireplace









Elements of a Fireplace 

Custom Outdoor Fireplace Design by Gilligans BBQ Island

At Gilligans BBQ Islands we are able to assist in the design of your ideal backyard fireplace.  If you have an idea of what you want, let us know what you are looking for. Send us any photos, sketches, designs, or layouts you have and we will turn your idea into reality.  We have custom built dozens of fireplaces and every one is unique.  You can be confident your new backyard feature is constructed with the most durable premium materials.  Gilligans BBQ Islands also GUARANTEES the BEST PRICE!  So shop everywhere, then compare here.  If you would like a list of our nearby competitors we will give it to you to help save your time. Complete the form below for a FREE estimate!

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