Fontana Fire Pits

Custom Fire Pits Fontana

Gilligan’s BBQ Islands makes upgrading your Fontana, CA backyard with a custom built fire pit easier and more affordable than ever before.

For more information about our fire pits or for answers to questions you may have please feel free to give us a call at (951)977-8787.

  • A member of our team will gladly assist you!

Fontana, CA Fire Pits

Custom Fire Pits Fontana

For those of you currently in the market for an affordable outdoor fire pit your in luck! Gilligan’s BBQ Islands will custom build your backyard fire pit, or fire pit table according to your specifications. You get to choose from features such as:

  1. SizeFontana Fire Pits for Sale
  2. Shape
  3. Color
  4. Material
  5. Placement

Then our amazing team will come in and assist with all of the following:

  • The Details
  • Build
  • Delivery
  • Install

We don’t build it until you order it! So you can customize every detail, and it will be just the way you always imagined it in your backyard.

  • Having fun with the family, and friends will build memories that will last a life time.

All of the BBQ Islands, Outdoor Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Palapas we offer in Fontana, CA are built to order with the highest quality materials available.

fire pit table Fontana - gilligan's bbq islands


We keep the lost low with our whole sale pricing and low overhead. Shop around and compare here, we will beat the competition easily!


BBQ Island Agoura Hills – Hand Crafted

With Gilligan’s BBQ Islands you don’t have to be embarrassed of your boring backyard ever again!

  • We offer the highest quality work at the lowest prices in the industry.
  • Before coming to us we encourage all of our customers to shop around and compare prices.
  • By offering contractor discounts and wholesale pricing we are confident we can beat anyone’s prices.

BBQ Island Agoura Hills, CA

BBQ Island Agoura Hills – Hand Crafted

Gilligan’s BBQ Islands has made it easier than ever before to upgrade your backyard with a high quality, hand crafted BBQ island, fire pit, fire table, or outdoor kitchen.

For a free quote simply give Ivan a call at (951)977-8787.

He can answer all of your questions and get you started on designing your very own backyard upgrade today.

outdoor upgradesDon’t have a design in mind?

Or maybe you are nervous about designing your own upgrade?

No need to worry. Ivan the owner of Gilligan’s BBQ Islands is an expert and can easily coach you through the entire process. His designs are timeless, and options endless.

The customer gets to choose from many different options such as:

  • Colors
  • Size
  • Style
  • Layout

BBQ Grill - Agoura Hills, CA

Agoura Hills, CA Backyard BBQ Grills

With a short turn-around time, now all you have to do is wait for your backyard upgrade to be delivered. When our guys get your design, they get right to on:

  1. Barbecue Grills for sale in Agoura Hills, CAThe Details
  2. Build
  3. Delivery
  4. Installation

The products we provide and the customer service we offer is what keeps our customers happy and recommending us to their friends and family.

For more information about how you can own a custom built backyard upgrade give Ivan a call at (951)977- 8787.

We are waiting to hear from you today!

Other amazing backyard upgrades we assist with in Agoura Hills, CA are:

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Palapas
  • Fire Pits / Tables
  • Patio Furniture
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Backyard Entertainment Centers



Custom Built Fire Pits – Orange County

custom built fire pits

Custom Built Fire Pits are a great way to add a stylish area to entertain guests, in your Orange County, CA home!Custom Fire Pits Orange County

For thousands of years memories have been made while sitting around a fire pit with friends and family.  We are able to create a fire pit that compliments your space perfectly.

You select all of the following details:

  1. The Size
  2. Shape
  3. Colors
  4. Materials
  5. Fuel Type
  6. Placement

Gilligan’s BBQ Islands has built hundreds of fire pits, fire tables, and outdoor fireplaces, so you can be confident you are working with a team of professionals.

Custom Built Fire Pits – Orange County

Sometimes creating a matching backyard upgrade to compliment your custom built fire pit is also a nice way to complete the outdoor entertaining area you were dreaming of. The list below are the most popularly installed backyard upgrades in the Orange County, CA area.

  • BBQ Island
  • Palapas
  • Patio Furniture
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Outdoor Fireplace

We have the experience, and knowledge to get the job done right the first time around!

Not to mention that we have the lowest pricing available, so shop around and then call us, we will beat the competitions pricing with our wholesale pricing and low overhead.

Simply give us a call today at (951)977-8787! Ivan, the owner will assist you personally.Orange County - Outdoor Fireplace

Above is one of our many hand crafted fire places installed for a customer in the Orange County area. Helping customers custom design a fireplace that will with stand any weather and look great for years to come is what we do best.

  • For your design, we love to get the customer involved so that we know you will be completely satisfied with your end result.
  • Choosing the materials that will be used insures your peace of mind.
  • Knowing you have options will make your decisions that much easier.

Custom Fire Pit Tables in Orange County, CA

Similar to an outdoor fire pit, you might also like to take a look at these Outdoor Fire Pit Tables shown below:

Orange County, CA - Fire Pit Tables

Outdoor Fire Pit Tables are a great way to gather the family around, and enjoy the beautiful California summer nights. We love to spend nights with our friends and family around our custom fire pit table and we know you will too!

For more services offered in the Orange County, CA area check out some of these pages below:

Fire Pit Builder Gilligans BBQ Islands Riverside


Fire Pit Builder Gilligans BBQ Islands Riverside

Entertaining at your house for the holidays?  Fire Pit Builder Gilligans BBQ Islands Riverside will help you move the party outside with a custom built fire pit!  Many memories are made telling stories and relaxing with loved ones around the fire.  You have plenty of time for us to custom build a backyard feature and install it before Christmas.  If you have the space and are having a lot of people over, we can build a matching outdoor wood burning fireplace.  As with everything else we build you can fully customize your fire pit.  Choose the shape, color, fuel type, & materials to make sure it is the perfect fit for your home.


Fire Pit Builder Gilligans BBQ Islands Riverside




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fire pit sale

Fire Pit Corona | Outdoor Fireplace

A custom fire pit in the backyard means hot chocolate, grandma’s famous snicker doodle cookies, and staying warm around the bonfire.

  • Unfortunately bonfires usually mean smoke, and smoke means you and your clothes will smell like you just fought a forest fire.
  • To alleviate the problem why not upgrade your old wood burning fire pit to a new and improved natural gas or propane fueled fire pit?
  • Our natural gas or propane burning fire pits burn clean with no smoke and no smell. We offer custom built clean burning fire pits at the lowest prices in town.

Corona Fire Pit - Outdoor Fireplace

Fire Pit Corona – Outdoor Fireplace

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please give us a call at (951)977-8787.

A custom built fire pit means just that, you get a fully customized fire pit built to your exact specifications. You also get to choose from a wide variety of options including but not limited to:

  • Sizecorona fire pit
  • Shape
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • Stone Work / Style
  • Colors
  • Materials Used
  • Overall Layout


Gilligan’s BBQ Islands is a family owned and operated company with over 30 successful years in the industry. We take pride in our work and it shows. The strong work ethic we provide keeps our customers referring us their friends and family.

  • Don’t just take our word for it. Check us out on Yelp and see what customers have been saying about us and our service.

Corona Fire Pit SaleIf you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (951)977-8787 and a member of our team will be more then happy to assist you.

  • When it comes to custom designs, quality of work, affordable prices, and overall customer service there is no comparison.

As an emerging leader in the BBQ island and fire pit industry we take pride in offering a quality product that you and your family will enjoy at a price you can afford.

Custom Fire Pits - Corona

For more information please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (951)977-8787.


Backyard Fire Tables

If you have been researching fire features for your backyard, you have more than likely stumbled across fire tables.  If you are wondering exactly what a fire table is, it is exactly what it sounds like!  It is a cross between a fire pit and a table.  Typically the flame on a fire table is much smaller than a fire pit, but the ambiance is great.  As with any other backyard feature designed and built by Gilligans BBQ Islands, we will create a fire table to your specifications.  You choose the size, shape, colors, materials, options and more.  We have created a lot of backyard fire tables that match an outdoor kitchen and provide a great seating area with a kick step for comfort.  Just because summer is over, does not mean your backyard entertaining is over until spring.  Backyard fire tables are a great place to gather family and friends to spend some quality time.  Contact us today at (951)335-2580 or complete the form to the right for more information or a free estimate!


Backyard Fire Tables

Outdoor Fireplace Design

Although the temperatures are still scorching, fall is right around the corner.  The cooler temperatures do not mean the outdoor fun has to come to an end!  Hopefully you spent the spring and summer of 2014 entertaining loved ones around your bbq island or outdoor kitchen.  The fun and family time can continue, sitting by the warm glow of an outdoor fireplace.  The right Outdoor Fireplace Design can add a wonderful space to relax.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Options

There are many options to consider during the planning phases of your outdoor fireplace design.  The first is location.  It is important to know where you want to position your fireplace.  Shape and size are critical, you need to have enough room for seating and room to keep firewood nearby.  If you do not want to use firewood, you can choose between natural gas and propane to fuel the fire.  Do you need a built in woodbox?  An extended base to sit on or use as shelving is a popular feature.  Some people like the added style and functionality of a mantel.  You also have the choice of a 36″ or 42″ opening.  Of course there is the choice of materials. Stone elements, usage of stucco, and color are all up to you.

Outdoor Fireplace Design

Stone Outdoor Fireplace









Elements of a Fireplace 

Custom Outdoor Fireplace Design by Gilligans BBQ Island

At Gilligans BBQ Islands we are able to assist in the design of your ideal backyard fireplace.  If you have an idea of what you want, let us know what you are looking for. Send us any photos, sketches, designs, or layouts you have and we will turn your idea into reality.  We have custom built dozens of fireplaces and every one is unique.  You can be confident your new backyard feature is constructed with the most durable premium materials.  Gilligans BBQ Islands also GUARANTEES the BEST PRICE!  So shop everywhere, then compare here.  If you would like a list of our nearby competitors we will give it to you to help save your time. Complete the form below for a FREE estimate!

Complete the form below for a Free Quote.

Fall Fire Pit Backyard Design

Hopefully you had a great summer of entertaining family and friends in your backyard!  Just because the summer is coming to an end does not mean your outdoor fun has to. Over the years, billions of people have made memories with their loved ones while sitting around a fire.  Fall backyard design including a fire pit or fire table is a perfect gathering place for a crisp fall or winter night.  A fire pit does not take up a lot of space.  You can use propane or natural gas to fuel the fire.  We can design a fire pit as fancy or basic as you would like.  Options include your choice of multiple types and colors of fire glass.  Finishes include stone, porcelain, or stucco.  Choose between  single or multi flames.  And custom shapes including round, square, L shape, U shape or or rectangle design and more.  Fall Fire Pit Backyard design can be a fun way to keep warm and entertained through the winter!

Fireplaces and Fire Tables

In addition to a fire pit, we can design and build you a custom fireplace or fire table.  With the fire tables you can choose between natural gas or propane as a fuel.  With the fireplace, you also have the option to use wood as the fuel type!  Fireplace’s come with tons of options.  Browse our photo gallery or or check out our fireplace page for more details.  If you find a design you like, send it to us and we can build it!

fall fire pit backyard design

 Fall Fire Pit Backyard Design


Gilligans BBQ Islands Riverside Ca

Gilligans BBQ Islands Riverside Ca –

Our customers are always pleasantly surprised with our combination of quality and great pricing.  Often times it is hard for them to believe that we can offer top notch materials at a price point much lower than our competitors.  There are 3 reasons we can do this. Our expertise makes for less waste in the production process.  We have spent years sourcing the lowest prices on top notch  materials and products and have built great relationships with our vendors.  Lastly we have low overhead.  Our competition builds tons of products before they have a buyer.  They have to pay tens of thousands of dollars each month to warehouse these big bulky items.  We custom build your bbq island, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, palapa, or other backyard feature to your specification.  This allows us to keep our overhead nice and low and we love to pass that savings onto our customers.

Based in Riverside Ca, Gilligans BBQ Islands is uniquely positioned to serve all of Southern and Central California.  However we have shipped delivered backyard features as far as Idaho.  The reason someone from Idaho had a BBQ Island delivered from Southern California is simple.  Our price was better than his local dealers even with the added cost of shipping.  The customer was very happy with his new backyard and said he was sure he made the right choice having it delivered all the way from California because we were able to customize his BBQ Island to his spec.

We would love the opportunity to make you a happy customer by building the backyard feature of your dreams!  Send us a sketch, photo, schematic, or come sit down with us and tell us what you want.  We have photos of hundreds of our builds we can show you to get ideas if you like.  Make sure to check out our profile on to see our reviews.





Gilligans BBQ Islands Riverside Ca